the best senior care coordinator in london ontario

Looking for the best senior care coordinator in London Ontario? Look no further, and see why you should hire Mary Anderson.

Mary E. Anderson, A rehabilitation nurse from London Ontario

Why Should you hire a senior care coordinator in london ontario?

Hiring a senior care coordinator in london ontario could be the next best move for your loved one. Having an expert in the healthcare system to help plan, coordinate, and give special attention to your treatments and care can be the catalyst your loved one needs to improve their overall experience and well being in the healthcare system.

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what does a senior care coordinator do?

A senior care coordinator is a healthcare professional who is trained to help manage and coordinate a patient’s care, and treatment plans. They also regularly check the patient’s progress and perform assessments. In addition, they usually try to educate and inform the patient and their family about the patient’s condition and progress. Senior care coordinators are in essence, the link between the healthcare system, healthcare professionals, and the patient.

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The benefits of having a senior care coordinator on your team

Mary's Experience As A senior care coordinator

With over 30 years of experience as a healthcare professional, Mary Anderson has a vast amount of experience and expertise as a senior care coordinator in London Ontario. Take a look at her CV for a more in depth


Rehabilitation Services

Coordinate rehabilitation and care services for children, adolescents, adults, and  seniors with diagnoses including a brain injury, spinal cord injury, PTSD, dementia,  orthopaedic injuries, a variety of physical, cognitive, and behavioural disabilities, as  well as mental health and various medical conditions


Assisting Seniors with retirement

Facilitate and assist with seniors’ transitions to retirement communities and long term  care facilities


Annual Conference

“The ABI Journey: Pediatrics to seniors” HHSC Annual Conference, Hamilton, ON, May  2012

Mary's Specialties as an Educational Consultant In London Ontario

 As an educational consultant in London Ontario, Mary specializes in handling and caring for clients with brain injuries. She is an expert with over 30 years of experience and you could say is a master at her craft. Along with caring and rehabilitating clients with brain injuries, she also specializes in rehabilitating clients with any other physical injuries including spinal cord injuries. Moreover, her experience with working with clients with a wide arrange of other needs such as behavioural, and learning needs makes her the perfect candidate to be your educational consultant in London Ontario.

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